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It's no secret that one of our passions is the twin-lens Rollei. We've always cherished them and unsurprisingly found many photographers who shared our love for these magnificent cameras. A few years ago we stumbled upon a half dozen of these gems and in a blink of the eye they were sold. We didn't even have a chance to boast about our find. Locating these gems requires a tremendous amount of patience and a whole lot of luck.

True Confession

My first Rolleiflex was a Rolleicord and it wasn't the last model like the Vb here. I loved it and didn't suffer from rapid crank envy. The giant sized negative compared to the half frame Olympus Pen F I played with made me a true believer in the format. The Rolleicord offered below is a true time warp. Boxed with an unused case, the camera looks like it is BRAND NEW! How this classic survived for 50 years unused, is mystifying.

Hopefully the next owner will give it the work out it richly deserves.


ROLLEI TLR - Inventory

Description Condition Price

Rolleicord Vb

As New 750

Rolleifix, boxed

As New 75

Rollei Pistol Grip w/cable

Exc+ 35

Rollei Bay III adap. ring

f/49mm filters

New 45

Rollei Bay III collap.lens shade

Mint 55


Description Condition Price
Olympus "0" product New 345

Gossen Sixicolor Meter. case

Mint 25

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