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We are no longer accepting repairs for equipment that is not sold and warranted by us. This is being done with great sadness since we have maintained a quality Hasselblad repair service for the past 28 years and prided ourselves for the professionalism of our service. The legions of Hasselblad users who have relied on us for the prompt and caring work we provided and the relationships we have established over the years makes this move especially painful.

For the past couple of years many of the repairs we have been asked to undertake reveal tampering by inexperienced technicians who compounded the existing problem. The time spent undoing the butchering followed by the time to perform the proper repair was costly and left a bad taste all around.

We continue to sell properly functioning Hasselblad equipment and strongly suggest when buying preowned gear from folks you don’t know you arrange to put some film through it to make sure it is working the way it’s supposed to before finalizing a deal. And if you need service for your equipment, make sure to seek out an experienced Hasselblad technician who has the tools and parts to perform a proper repair.



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