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We've seen the future and

it's getting closer

For the past ten years we've enjoyed a rather lively debate regarding the direction photography is moving. We feel strongly that the concern on the part of some that filmless, digital photography will replace traditional photography is unwarranted.We, like many of our customers, have been intrigued with the rapid pace of growth in the digital arena. The improvements are vast and changes take place on almost a daily basis which makes it difficult to inventory digital equipment. Maybe we're old fashioned but film based photography doesn't change much at all and the images we turn out with a forty year old Rollei, can't be beat.


If digital images created by an iPhone puts a smile on someone's face, if it records events that otherwise would not be documented that's fine. We're troubled when we see the masses, who might otherwise be turned on to photography, accepting, uncritically, images that will never be terrific. Since you can record and erase images with ease, being indiscriminate and undisciplined is the rule rather than the exception. We don't think a digital camera would be an appropriate first camera for someone who expressed an interest in photography. An inexpensive manual focus camera with interchangeable lens capability would be a better choice.


As we've said many times in the past, load up your camera with some Tri-X and fire away. And if you need further encouragement we suggest you visit an art gallery or museum when vintage photography is being exhibited. When we see those black and white mid-century photos it really gets our juices flowing.

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