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We have always loved Leica (and still do) but a basic camera and several lenses can easily set a buyer back 20K.

We think the 1960’s through 2000 series of M cameras and corresponding lenses from the 1980’s are a wonderful

investment that actually seems to appreciate in price.

We are constantly on the prowl for clean, functioning M cameras and pay fair prices for examples our customers are eager to obtain.


LEICA M - Inventory

If you ever dreamed of owning a Leica, a real Leica, one that uses film and thought you would have to tap into your retirement funds to have one, we have the camera for you. The M6 TTL, is considered a modern day classic and along with the improved MP upgrade it represents a relative bargain compared to the  stratospheric pricing of new Leicas. The camera listed below was used sparingly by its one previous owner who treated it with the care usually reserved for loved ones. The white lettering on the camera's front was meticulously blacked out, but it's doubtful the owner's "street camera" ventured out often, if at all. He parted with it reluctantly, only hoping the next owner would also get pleasure from using this extraordinary camera.

Description Condition Price
Leica M6 TTL, bl.. w/MP viewfinder mod., boxed with hard case and strap, ins. A pampered classic in near mint condition

Near Mint

Leica 35/2 Summicron ASPH., (3907xxx)) boxed, w/case and shade

Near Mint

Leica 50/2 Summicron w/shade, B+W UV filter, (35xxx)


Olympus O Product., a RARE collectible, brand new in box. We are parting with our personal camera that we stashed away when first offered in 1988. the unusual design won us over immediately and if you were to collect a single 35mm film camera this 20th century example should be at the top of your list.

New in Box

Swing-out Polarizer, 13352


Leica M Grip, (GMP)


Leica Lens Carrier, 14404


Leitz E60 UVA filter


B+W 39mm, Or. or Red


Leica Winder M #14402



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