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The Arcbody continues to win converts from larger formats who want to use their Hassy equipment and deal with perspective control situations at the same time. Although officially discontinued (apparently because demand was not as great as envisioned) we still have a few accessories and feel as strongly as ever that it is a highly desirable piece of equipment.The 555ELD is the camera of choice for digital back users and we frankly are confused when we get calls for well traveled ELMs to attach to $25,000 backs. For those looking for motorized transport the 503CW with winder is an excellent choice.

Description Condition Price
Recharge unit I New 95
FK 30 release Mint- 29
FK 300 release cord New 45
FK 600 release cord New 45
Pistol Grip Mint- 25
Command unit Exc++ 115


Description Condition Price
200 Series Winder f/203/202 Near Mint 245
Rapid Advance New 75
Quick Coupling Adapter f/above, #45148 for non-Hasselblad Cameras New 35
Cable release f/Winder CW New 39
Quick Focus I (Rare) for 40-80CF lenses only Mint 30
Quick Focus II (100-250C lenses only) Exc++ 15
Flashgun Bracket w/cable Exc+ 39
Pistol Grip (f/C or CM only) Exc++ 25
Wide Strap New 45
Hand Carrying Strap Mint 25
Standard Neck Strap New 35
Polaroid 100 dark slide New 15
NPC pol dark slide New 10
Front or Rear body cap New 7
50 front lens cap New 5
60 front lens cap New 7

For additional information we suggest you visit the Hasselblad website.

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