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PC Blad

The 555ELD has several noticeable improvements over the 553. It is designed for better integration with digital backs and also has an infra-red remote capability which means cumbersome remote cords are no longer needed. Regrettably the 555 has been discontinued....The 503CW with winder has become the camera of choice for many who require the motorized transport.

HASSELBLAD - Inventory

Description Condition Price

501CM body, bl, late, complete w/caps, strap, inst, acute matte


Svenska Express. A Hasselblad box camera (circa 1912). A collector's dream in very nice condition




How much do you love your Hasselblad? We're talking really, truly love your Hassy. So much that you commissioned a fine cabinet maker to make an elegant oak display case. This unique dove-tailed beauty is an extraordinary tribute to this classic machine and the owner's desire to share its visual beauty.This one of a kind tribute is now available.

Send us an email and we'd be happy to send you photos of this case.


For additional information we suggest you visit the Hasselblad website.

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