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Gil Ghitelman Cameras
5 Maple Grove Ave.

Westport, CT 06880
Tel: 203/256-8380
Fax: 203/256-1386

Hours: 10-5 M-F


CAMERA BAGS - Inventory


Description Condition Price
Fogg Bee Bag #662 Olive/Chestnut BRAND NEW!! 285


Fogg bags have earned an enviable reputation as the finest home your Leica M or 4/3 camera could possibly want. Handcrafted and classy, many bag makers have tried to imitate Fogg without success. Our Bee bag is wrapped and boxed and we're reluctant to unpackage it for photo purposes. We suggest you Google it for dimensions.

Fact is we were saving this bag for our personal use but we're ready to part with it and let one lucky customer give it a home. If you ever wanted a special bag that's just the right size, this bag is it. Your faithful camera will thank you for years to come.

FILTERS - Inventory

Description Condition Price
52mm Zeiss softar I or II New 105
67mm Zeiss softar II New 125
72mm Zeiss softar II New 135
49/58 Heliopan Centerfilter New 175
52/67 Heliopan Centerfilter New 195
58/67 Heliopan Centerfilter New 215
82/105 Heliopan Centerfilter New 265

METZ FLASH - Inventory

SALE! SALE! SALE! Supply is limited to stock on hand. These prices are truly rock bottom but if you wait you might be disappointed.

Description Condition Price
Metz 45CL3 Nicad New 185
Metz 45CT5 Nicad Unused 275
Metz Reflector Screen #5417 New 39

TRIPODS - Inventory

We are reducing our already low prices on all Gitzo tripods and heads. Deduct an additional 15% from the prices listed below. Our supply is limited to stock on hand. Gitzo tripods are the first choice of working pros and their reputation for quality is beyond question.
Description Condition Price
Gitzo 125 New 165
Gitzo 0070 Loisir Handle New 75
Gitzo 572 Handle New 175
135 New 35
335 New 45

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