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Gil Ghitelman Cameras
5 Maple Grove Ave.

Westport, CT 06880

Hours: 10-5 M-F


About Gil Ghitelman

Since setting up shop in the early 1970's Gil Ghitelman has built an enviable reputation for buying, selling and trading the world's finest camera equipment.

When you place an order with Gil Ghitelman Cameras the guy on the other end of the phone is-you guessed it...Gil Ghitelman. Gil is regarded as a leading authority on Hasselblad cameras and considered by his peers to be one of the most respected names in the industry.


GilGil Ghitelman, a clinical psychologist by training, was bitten by the photography bug at an early age. His first real camera was a Kodak Signet which was followed by a twin-lens Rolleiflex. His love affair with Rolleis continues to this day and his unique position as one of the world's foremost Hasselblad specialists might be attributed to the square format Rollei of his youth. "When you hold a Rollei it has a special feel of quality. The same feeling you get with a Leica or Hasselblad. It isn't as though he's not ready for change it's just photography as he knows it is black and white, not screaming colors. For Gil, the subtle grays in a fine photograph are the true colors.


Doris, Gil's wife, was a freelance photographer and has been an integral part of the business since its inception. They met when she sold him her friend's Hasselblad. Gil's convinced this was the best deal he ever made although Doris sometimes jokes that she should have taken it to more dealers!

For the past 30 years Gil Ghitelman has been trading fine photographic equipment. For thirteen years his shop, located in the heart of New York City's photo district, was a hotbed of activity for collectors of rare and unusual photographic gear but more importantly a professional source for current equipment, especially panoramic/wide angle cameras and Hasselblad. His stock of new, nearly new, and preowned equipment of exceptional quality combined with the personalized service that demanding professionals require, made his shop and now his Internet location a valuable resource.

If you think mail order means placing orders with operators who never stood behind a camera and, thankfully, not in front of one either, you'll find Gil Ghitelman's operation a welcome change. He feels strongly that when buying high end equipment one should be dealing with individuals as professional as the equipment they sell.


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Gil Ghitelman